Skeletons – For Jodie

Convinced she brought the rain
she locked herself away
by coincidence, the sun had rose
when she woke the next day.
She took this as proof,
packed her memories away,
and convinced herself that if she left,
then the sun would stay.
Though they would never know,
her family smiled from a frame,
that balanced on a ledge,
in the cave she should remain.
Thoughts of her families warmth
lessened Jody’s deign,
she turned away from the thought
that she was worth the rain.

She couldn’t help but remember
her mothers frozen womb,
as she fell victim to the ruse,
and warmness of her tomb.
As years passed, word spread,
of the skeleton in the dunes,
who danced in her own madness,
under the light of moon.
When we arrived even her father,
did not take her as his own,
but I would recognise her
if only blood and bones,
her knees gave way,
and from behind her glazed eyes,
I saw that my touch,
was still a touch she recognised.
From my arms she asked me,
if it had rained since she went away,
and with her final breaths she cried,
as I whispered “every day.”


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