About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m a Bookseller and aspiring author living in Yorkshire. I’ve decided to explore the world of blogging, in hope that reading the work of the many talented writers using WordPress will inspire me, and that some will be kind enough to give me feedback. I’m new to blogging, so if there’s anything that I’m not doing that will help me use this site to it’s full potential please do let me know!

I’m particularly enthusiastic about Ginsberg, and other great poets of the Beat Generation, as well as the Gothic/Horror genres, I think this is reflected in quite a bit of my work. I’m only twenty years old, so my writing style is definitely still developing! My targets for the year are to continue writing short stories and poems, and to finish a play I’ve been “writing” for years now, but never actually began.

My passions outside of writing are animal rights (coinciding with my Veganism,) and travel, though only being twenty I haven’t actually done much.

Thanks again for visiting,
Ian Chambers.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Ian. Thank you for visiting my blog. I started in July and I am enjoying sharing my poems. You will no doubt enjoy sharing your writing and making friends along the way. So all the best to you and I’d like to encourage you as a fellow blogger.

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