The all-knowing and all-suffering (Needs a few more re-drafts)

In an existence
to the human philosophy
lived a god
who’s omnipotence
t h u n d e r e d
in his ear drums
and who’s omniscience
in his brain.
who he loved
with only the most
was a first content
by the God’s love,
until her vessel
to fit it’s new content.
When she withdrew,
ever so slightly,
the God wondered
that if there existed
one more powerful than Him
would Luna
be tempted?
As he wondered,
in his omniscience,
suddenly he knew
that in the nightmare
of his own creation
he should be alone,
a lily floating,
in the dead sea.

“Such a beauty,
is not even so?”
Lily exclaimed
in attempt to sea
the God’s fury.
outshone reason.
drowned sense.
He held candles
to his tapestries
which burned with reprisal
before leaving the God
in dust and in dark,
cursed with the blessing
of limitless love
that with every conception
he found
would never be
When he grew tired
of his new belonging
the God thought up
a scheme.
He used the oil
of his holy body
and a cauldron
fashioned with gold
to boil his endless longing
for adequate loving
with His confusion
of matter and mind.
From the potion
spawned a world,
we know better
than His,
inhabited by mass
in the God’s own image,
fastened together
with his suffering.

Luna and the God
sat over the cauldron
laughing and taunting
the men who
turned to violence
in their pursuit
of security,
and the women
who sin
in the name
of virtue,
but remain
forever unfulfilled. 



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