Equality: a short essay-type-thing

“Sure, let’s reason with them. Give them the vote – only if they’re over thirty, mind.”
“Well, we’re reasonable men. They want marriage? We’ll meet them half-way with civil partnerships, eh?”
“Give blood? Well fine. But only if they abstain from that filthy business for a while.”

We can dictate from history that the fight for equality is never a quick one. There’s always a technicality which can conveniently be transformed into an obstacle, that the righteous politicians will slay in the name of justice. More often than not, though, said obstacle is a percentage of their own, or some red herring covering up obvious discrimination. They know that the easiest way to prolong the disruption to the society they’re comfortable in, is to break the route to equality into parts, for until one injustice is resolved, people won’t begin to campaign against another. For example, the fight for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, was halted when they kindly passed the Bill regarding civil partnership.
   We constantly hear words such as progress and development regarding LGBT rights, which would indicate that we are, in fact, moving in the right direction. David Cameron said himself that the legalisation of same-sex marriage is a step that he’s ‘proud to have taken’. And so why, in the knowledge that it is what is moral, were we thirteen years behind The Netherlands? And why, learning from that, must all laws regarding LGBT sex education in schools take an equally prolonged amount of time? Why must all homosexual men abstain from sexual acts for a period of time much longer than the HIV screening window before they are permitted to donate blood? Despite our depleting supplies. We surpass milestone after milestone, never with a glimpse of the finish line. Technicality after technicality covers up the fact that the government thrive off liberation, and was we ever to live in a truly liberated society, then they could not fancy themselves the champion successors that they do.

When will the fight for equality end? Well, I’d say it will end when they want it to.


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