I’ll be happy when –

I’ll be happy when I’m slim.
All of this, the filth and grime
I can deal with that
if I’m slim
Paint me blue!
Just paint me slim.

I’ll be content when I’m rich.
What use are these hips
if they aren’t framed
by something that glitters!
You want to leave me?
Just leave me rich.

I’ll be satisfied once I’m in love.
Red lace, it’s become my burqa.
What use is a fine chalice,
without a crisp wine to fill it?
Oh, boy, will I be full once I’m in love!

I’ll be happy when –
I’ll be happy when –
gain a few pounds? Shed these tired dresses?
Heck – I’d even leave him,
What I wouldn’t give,
for I’ll be happy when –


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